Source code for fastjsonschema.exceptions

import re

SPLIT_RE = re.compile(r'[\.\[\]]+')

[docs]class JsonSchemaException(ValueError): """ Exception raised by validation function. Available properties: * ``message`` containing human-readable information what is wrong (e.g. ``[index] must be smaller than or equal to 42``), * invalid ``value`` (e.g. ``60``), * ``name`` of a path in the data structure (e.g. ``data.propery[index]``), * ``path`` as an array in the data structure (e.g. ``['data', 'propery', 'index']``), * the whole ``definition`` which the ``value`` has to fulfil (e.g. ``{'type': 'number', 'maximum': 42}``), * ``rule`` which the ``value`` is breaking (e.g. ``maximum``) * and ``rule_definition`` (e.g. ``42``). .. versionchanged:: 2.14.0 Added all extra properties. """ def __init__(self, message, value=None, name=None, definition=None, rule=None): super().__init__(message) self.message = message self.value = value = name self.definition = definition self.rule = rule @property def path(self): return [item for item in SPLIT_RE.split( if item != ''] @property def rule_definition(self): if not self.rule or not self.definition: return None return self.definition.get(self.rule)
[docs]class JsonSchemaDefinitionException(JsonSchemaException): """ Exception raised by generator of validation function. """